Now You Can Search & Find The Products You Want, With Ease.

The number one customer-requested feature improvement for our website since its launch has been to create a more robust and detailed search capability. On February 3rd we fully implemented this feature to deliver a search experience beyond the industry standard. Yes, you would expect these features in Amazon, but rarely on a content-heavy, independent site.

Here's the detailed search experience we implemented and how it benefits you:

  1. Ultra-Fast return of search results. A constant cache database (real time cloud-based) of our titles, descriptions, categories, tags, & prices allow you to instantly see  'Search-as-you-type' suggestions across our entire 100,000 item catalog.
  2. Search results pages now have many filters to narrow your results. Choosing 'Show All Results' at the bottom of any search suggestion list will land you on a search results page where you can further sort, or narrow your results by Print Type, or Category, Price, or Tag (with more options to come soon).
  3. Advanced word matching. This includes type correction but also allows us to include synonyms to aide in finding something you're seeking with perhaps old world languages, or subject-related word matching.
  4. 'Did you mean' results. If your search returns no results, the database will look for similar words to your keyword search, and determine if we have products matching anything similar, and return those results for you ranked in order of search popularity.

As I look to constantly improve the search experience for you, I welcome any feedback, suggestions, comments, and feature wishlists.

To do a search in our site, click the magnifying glass icon at the top of any page in the header.


Troy Ylitalo, President & CEO

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