Moving Sale

MOVING & DOWNSIZING SALE: Strike-through Pricing (Including Fine Art New Releases)

Between January 20th & 22nd, we will be removing 90% of our inventory from eBay, Amazon, and our webstore. We will only maintain an inventory of 10,000 items from that point forward. Therefore, from now until Midnight January 20th will be the final opportunity to acquire anything from the 80,000 items that will be removed from inventory this weekend.

A full update to come for those of you who have been our customers for years, some as many as 12 years. Going forward, maintaining an inventory of 10,000 items has become our only option to continue. Now is the time to take advantage of all sales pricing, and bulk order discounts below, before the inventory is removed.

Thank you for your years of giving us the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to supporting you with our limited selection after this weekend. 

NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2017 Period Paper will ship on Monday's only. All orders from previous 7 days will ship each Monday (domestic and international).


Save 65-90+% on 100,000+ items at Period Paper with our deepest discounts on fine art Items. This is the deepest discounts we've offered in over 10 years. Save an unprecedented amount on our entire inventory with over 85,000 items reduced to $17.99. Please note, COA's not included with clearance priced items. However, the COA is available by request, and delivered by email (

Strike-through prices site-wide (Including fine art new releases):
    • 85,000 Originals priced $43.95-$150 now reduced to $17.99!
    • 12,000 Large-Format Originals priced $43.95-$150 now reduced to $23.99!
    • 2,500 Fine Art Originals priced $150-$500 now reduced to $75! BUY 2, GET A 3RD FREE on EBAY ONLY — Find them all by CLICKING HERE!

    First Come, First Served

    Over the years, we've learned to share details about the nature of our business, when it comes to sales like there where high volumes of orders are placed. Please note that we have 1 of each item, as they are originals. When you place an item in your cart, it doesn't reserve the item for you. The item is reserved when checkout is complete. Therefore, if you start a cart now, and finish it later, or the next day, there's a high probability that someone else may purchase an item you have in your cart, and that item will no longer be for sale. The only fair way to resolve this is that when a checkout is complete, those items belong to that customer. So, it's simply first come, first served and we appreciate your business.