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1920's Ludwig Hohlwein Poster Lithographs and Gravures

1926 Hohlwein Collection. A rare compilation of original photogravures and lithographs of the poster designs of the master of German poster art—Ludwig Hohlwein (1874 - 1949). Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Hohlwein first studied for a career in architecture but by 1906 had turned to commercial art and poster design.

What feels so distinct about Hohlwein's images is his gravitation toward heavy line-work and his focus on light and shade. He often played with a multitude of flat patterns, but gained depth and texture with his color and contrast, making his work extremely recognizable and unique. He became a foundation for the art of graphic design, and is still one of the most famous German commercial artists. His work in both World Wars focused heavily on propaganda posters and recruitment, but designed advertisements for several prominent companies like Audi, BMW, Fatima Cigarettes, and Lufthansa during his career. Perhaps his involvement and firm support of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler is why Hohlwein’s work never gleaned much attention in the United States.

Today Hohlwein poster art is highly collectible and much sought after.