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Early in the 1900s, the Ford Motor Car Company began using the slogan, “1906 will be a Ford year.” Nearly every year since has been deemed “a Ford year.” Henry Ford grew up as a farmer’s son, and instead of taking up the family farming business, became interested in engineering after working at a machinery as an apprentice.

Ford created his first operable car in 1899, and created his first business in 1900. The automobile company failed, and his second attempt in 1901—called the Henry Ford Company—was renamed the Cadillac Motor Car Company after his investors became troubled with disagreements.

The following year, Ford started the Ford Motor Company. The cars were designed for the country, and became very popular very quickly.

In 1971, Ford released it’s Pinto—named after the horse breed—but unfortunately, the name was lost in translation in Brazil and had to be changed. “Pinto” was a slang-term for “small male genitals,” and so was replaced with the name “Corcel.”