Frederic Goudy Line-Block Prints / Mid-Century Typefaces

This collection is sure to be of special interest to graphic designers, typographers and calligraphers! Each letter of the alphabet is presented in 15 different font forms including Roman, Gothic, Caslon Old Face, Bodoni, Kennerley Italic, etc.

Frederic W. Goudy thought and drew letters from the time that as a high-school boy he cut a frieze of them to adorn the Sunday school wall. Perhaps no one person has ever so profoundly influenced type-making as this man who quietly, purposely, full-heartedly held to his principles of craftsmanship, and stubbornly adhered to his high standards. For nearly fifty years he designed types of character, beauty, and dignity. For almost twenty of those years he not only designed, but cut the matrices and cast the types as well. Destruction of his equipment by fire in the old mill that was his workshop halted that phase of his activity.

During his long and productive life (he died in 1947 at the age of eighty-six) he created more than one hundred type faces. No one, then, was better fitted to understand the alphabet and the elements of lettering than this man who so often took the twenty-six letters, lower case, capitals, roman and italic, and "thought" them into new and usable forms.