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Frederic Remington — Celebrated Western Artist Original Halftones (1902)

A collection of seventy-seven drawings produced for a splendid 1902 portfolio with numerous outdoor scenes—portrait vignettes, full-page, and double-page illustrations—by this most famous of Western artists Frederic Remington.

Frederic Sackrider Remington

(1861-1909) Frederic Remington was born in Canton, New York, but became the foremost turn-of-the-century illustrator, painter, and sculptor of western-themed subjects. He studied for a short period of time at the Yale School of Fine Arts and the Art Students League in New York but in the 1880's he struck out for the American West and captured both the realism and the romanticism of the fading frontier in a prolific outpouring of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Many of his illustrations appeared in magazines such as Outing Magazine, Harper's Weekly, and Scribner's. In addition, he illustrated several books and articles for Theodore Roosevelt as well as Frances Parkman's Oregon Trail.