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“Ask the Man Who Owns One,” became the first successful advertising slogan of the automotive industry, and was used for more than fifty years (almost the entirety of the Packard Motor Car Company’s existence) in Packard’s advertisements. The famous slogan came to be when J. W. Packard was answering a letter from someone requesting sales literature, and he merely suggested to the potential buyer to “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”

The Packard Motor Car Company began when J. W. Packard purchased a Winton automobile. Displeased with how poorly the car ran, Packard complained to the owner of the company—Alexander Winton himself. In retort, Winton challenged Packard to build a better car himself. So Packard did, along with his brother W. D. Packard in 1899, and the cars became . The company quickly became known as one of the big 3 luxury car names in America along with Pierce-Arrow and Peerless.

Packard rarely used photographs in their printed advertisements. They focused heavily on colorful illustrations, drawn by various artists, and often featured a historical scene.