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Picturesque America — Early Images Across America (1872-1874 Engravings)

An important collection of antique steel and wood engravings from 1872-1874 featuring landscapes and scenery from across the American continent. These illustrations provide a window into nineteenth century America, with its unspoilt and pastoral landscapes and rivers, bustling cityscapes, and notable architecture. The work of various artists and illustrators, including Harry Fenn, John Douglas Woodward, Granville Perkins, Jules Tavernier,  Alfred R. Waud, and Thomas Moran.

The second installment, dated 1874, features landscapes and scenery from across the American continent including some lovely views of Chicago and its surroundings, as well as other places in the Midwest -- the cities of St, Louis, Dubuque, Rock Island, and La Crosse, plus some additional images of Canada.

Each item in this collection is detailed enough to look stunning framed. A remarkable collection of historical American memorabilia.