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Make an Offer

Period Paper is now accepting offers. Offers will be considered on items from our entire inventory including new releases, featured collections, and rarities in The Back Room.

All offers will be considered and multiple factors will affect our ability to accept your offer... date of release, hard costs in the collection itself, rarity, overhead costs that must be covered to be sustainable, etc. With that said, we will always do our best to accept fair offers.

How to Make an Offer

Send an email to periodpaper.customercare@gmail.com and include the sku of the item you're making an offer on, and the dollar amount of your offer. We will respond within 1-2 business days.

How to Locate the Sku of an Item

The sku is located below the title of the item, on any product page. In the example below of the original Miró lithograph, you will see the sku is '240326_LTX2_004'. You can either provide us with the entire sku, or just the last two sections such as 'LTX2_004'.


Making Offers on Groups or Multiple Items

If you are considering the purchase of several items and would like to make multiple offers, please include them all in one email. By doing so, we can use the quantity of items your ordering as a factor in determining if we can accept your offer.

We look forward to hearing from you and will take every fair offer seriously.