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1963 Print Howard Brodie Art Korean War GI Wounded South Korean Soldier Jigai

1963 Print Howard Brodie Art Korean War GI Wounded South Korean Soldier Jigai

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This is an original 1963 halftone print of a wounded South Korean soldier being carried on a jigai by a friend. A rifleman protected the two. Brodie wrote, "On the 2nd Division front near Yongsan: I hitched a ride on 'Betsy,' a litter jeep... 'Far away, far away,' sang the litter bearers as we headed for George Company on attack. 'Betsy' crunched down a creek bed, dodged mine holes, moved up to half-tracks and tanks parked against a dike... Across the rice paddy trudged three figures, a GI carrying a wounded South Korean buddy on a jigai (native A-rack) with a rifleman guarding the group. Blood dripped from the wounded man's mouth onto the helmet of the GI. Quickly the litter bearers went into action: The wound was examined. Morphine injected. He was placed on a jeep. Sniper bullets whistled by and 'Betsy' headed back for the ambulance loading post."

Howard Brodie (1915-2010) was a renowned artist known for his combat sketches and courtroom scenes. Brodie enlisted in the Army in 1942, and recorded the end of the Guadalcanal campaign, as well as the Central Europe and Rhineland campaigns. He never carried a weapon during this time, but was found under fire on various occasions, where he dropped his sketchpad and worked as a medic; for this, he was awarded the Bronze Star of Valor. After the war, he became a courtroom artist and covered several famous trials, including that of Charles Manson, General Westmoreland, Patty Hearst and the Chicago Seven. He remained a war artist during the Korean, French Indochina and Vietnam wars, and established himself as one of the top news artists by capturing emotions with his fluid lines and attention to detail.


This 48+ year old Item is rated Mint / Near Mint. No creases. No natural defects. No surface rub. No tears. No water damage.

  • Product Type: Original Halftone Print; Black / White
  • Grade: Mint / Near Mint
  • Dimensions: Approximately 10.5 x 14.25 inches; 27 x 36 cm
  • Authentication: Serial-Numbered Certificate of Authenticity w/ Full Provenance
  • Protection: Packaged in a custom archival sleeve with an acid-free black board (great for display, gift-giving, and preservation)

This piece was illustrated by Brodie, Howard. Artist signature in print - bottom right of image.

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